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All Year Cheer Specialty Holiday Quickfire Challenge

Need a break from Christmas? There are a number of other inspiring holidays throughout the rest of the year! Many Minted customers choose a card that celebrates their family’s unique religious or cultural beliefs and are seeking a beautiful, fresh card to share with friends and family. We are looking to you, our talented community of artists to continue to push the boundaries of card design and deliver a fresh perspective on the variety of needs in this Quickfire Challenge. From culturally-specific designs, to playful copy, to modern minimalist designs that allow the photo(s) to shine. We are accepting both photo and non-photo designs in this Challenge, though we will be primarily taking photo designs. We are only accepting non-foil-pressed designs. So quick, grab your sketchbooks and computers and dive into these unique events! We will be sourcing designs for the following holidays:

  • Rosh Hashanah

  • Diwali

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • Lunar New Year

  • Easter

  • Eid



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