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I Choose You: Valentine's Day Greeting Cards Quickfire Challenge

It’s time to fall in love with our first ever Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Challenge! We are looking to you, our talented community of artists and writers, to create fresh designs with creative messages. We’re seeking cards with a wide range of sentiments and styles that appeal to a broad customer base. Remember to write your copy in a way that works for many people, as opposed to calling out specific recipients (i.e., husband or wife).

Don’t forget - include something eye-catching at the top ⅓ of the front of card so that people will notice it in store (the bottom ⅔ of the front will be hidden behind the next row of cards). Consider even putting your entire copy line in the top ⅓ so that people can read it. Winning designs will be sold either at Minted or under the Minted or Pippa brand names through our retail partners.

You may submit non-foil-pressed, foil-pressed, and letterpress designs to this challenge. We plan to take approximately 100 designs from this Challenge.

Critique Period: 3/19 @ 10AM - 3/20 @ 10AM

The wisdom of crowds.

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