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Make a Statement Large Format Art Challenge

After rising customer demand, we’re thrilled to announce that Minted will be unlocking a new largest size in art: 48” x 70”. We’re equally excited to announce that this large size will be offered on our newest substrate - canvas. Our focus in this challenge will be to source large format art pieces originally created in sizes 18x24 and above. We want to ensure that pieces selected for our new 48” x 70” size will look authentic when printed in larger (such that the brush strokes and original substrate texture are at a reasonable scale). Please note we will only launch pieces that are high resolution and will print very clearly in our new large 48” x 70” size, without pixelation.*

We believe this new large format will be in high demand, and we plan to place focus on the new collection in Minted marketing campaigns in coming months. Our customers are increasingly looking for large scale pieces to fill an empty space, and our recent customer research has hinted that art on canvas has a large potential sales opportunity for our growing art business.

For photography, we are looking for pieces that are 300 PPI (minimum of 150 PPI) at the 48” x 70” size. Please see Creative Guidelines for more information on final file guidelines.

*Please Note: We may ask artists to send us their highest resolution file before winners are announced so we can determine if a piece is able to meet our resolution standards. In the case that a piece cannot meet our resolution requirements, you may not be eligible for a win. We encourage you to submit, as we’d like to help artists meet these standards as much as possible.

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