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Wedding Colors.

Set the tone for your celebration with the perfect color palette.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors.

One of the first things to do when planning your wedding is to choose a color palette that will help set the tone for your celebration and tie together all the details. Your wedding colors can be expressed in your stationery (save the dates, invitations, day-of accessories), the flower arrangements and decor, the wedding party’s attire, and even the food. Our best advice on picking your wedding colors: Start with your favorite hues and then balance them with accent colors that will complement the season and your wedding venue.

We’ve put together some of our favorite wedding color ideas for a range of styles to get you started.

Classic Color Combinations.

Some looks never go out of style, and these classic wedding color schemes are absolutely timeless. Make them your own with personal touches, from your choice of flowers to decor accents.


Ivory + Sage

Good for: spring weddings
Ideal venues: garden, vineyard, loft

This combination is timeless yet always feels fresh. Create an elevated, formal look by adding gold accents, or go wild with greenery if your style is more boho and organic. Pair these soft hues with warm, romantic candlelight.

Photos: Ashley Caroline Photography (dress), Jessica Casperson Photography (couple), Minted (moss-colored favors), Bryce Covey Photography (cake). Invitation: palmetto by kelli hall.


Blush + Burgundy

Good for: fall or winter weddings
Ideal venues: winery, farmhouse, historic estate

It’s no wonder blush and burgundy—the colors of wine and roses—make an utterly romantic wedding palette. Choose florals like dahlias or garden roses in soft blush tones, then add a few burgundy-hued blooms for a touch of drama.

Photos: Jillian Mitchell Photography (bouquet), Cassidy Carson Photography (bridesmaids), Minted (rose-colored favors).


Navy + Silver

Good for: formal summer weddings
Ideal venues: yacht club, Sperry tent on a lawn, country club

These clean, crisp colors evoke a preppy, East Coast vibe with some subtle nautical overtones. You could fully embrace the nautical look and decorate the reception with classic sailor stripes, or amp up the silver tones to steer your wedding decor in a more regal direction.

Photos: Bryce Covey Photography (suit), Rebecca Yale Photography (shoes), Candice Benjamin Photography (bouquet).


Black + White

Good for: any time of year
Ideal venues: hotel ballroom, loft, art gallery

It doesn’t get more classic than black and white. Set the tone for a formal celebration with luxe invitations; ask your bridesmaids to wear their favorite all-black cocktail gown for a look that’s chic and coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy.

Photos: Apryl Ann Photography (cake), Jose Villa (bridesmaids). Invitation: Ribbon Border by Jill Means.


Peach + Gray

Good for: spring and summer weddings
Ideal venues: historic estate, modern farmhouse, art gallery

A versatile color combination, peach and gray can easily skew sleek and modern or sweet and romantic. Add marble accents (i.e., a marble cake stand or marble-patterned stationery) to take the colors in a modern direction, or play up the peach if your wedding style is more casual and laid back.

Photos: Joel Bedford Photography (bridesmaids), O’Malley Photographers (cocktails). Invitation: Boho Chic by Kristie Kern.

Fresh & Unexpected.

Make your wedding stand out with a unique color palette your guests haven’t seen before. These imaginative pairings will create an original look that’s fresh, unexpected, and totally you.


Rust + Taupe

Good for: late summer and fall weddings
Ideal venues: desert settings, farmhouse, barn

This color palette was made for the warm light of late summer and fall, inspired by the rich hues of sunset-colored mountainscapes. Accent these colors with warm copper or gold tones for a bit of shimmer.

Photos: Jordan Voth Photography (couple), A Fabulous Fete (tiles), Half Acre House (cake). Invitation: Ethereal Wash by Everett Paper Goods.


Mustard + Slate Gray

Good for: any time of year
Ideal venues: loft, city hall, museum, barn

This versatile color scheme works for every season: amp up the gray tones to make it more appropriate for winter or spring, or take the yellow up a notch for fall or summer celebrations. Also, since these shades are neither overtly feminine or masculine, they’re perfect for couples looking for a gender-neutral color palette.

Photos: Ashley Largesse (suit), Henry + Mac Photo Co. (table), Minted (warm gray tote bag). Invitation: Sprinkled Love by Paper Dahlia.



Good for: summer weddings
Ideal venues: backyard, garden, country club, beach

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding on the beach or an alfresco backyard bash, a citrus-inspired color palette will bring a bright burst of flavor to your wedding look. Bring it to life with zingy cocktails, vibrant flowers, and actual citrus fruits in your table centerpieces.

Photos: Whitney Heard Photography (bouquet), Jen Huang (drinks), Minted (lemon-colored favors). Invitation: Tropical Border by Baumbirdy.


Black + White + Pop of Color

Good for: any time of year
Ideal venues: ballroom, historic estate, museum

Black and white is a classic combination, but you can make it your own by adding a bright pop of color. Look for accent-color inspiration in seasonal flowers and menu ingredients, the setting for your event, or simply choose a color that’s meaningful to you.

Photos: Shannon Moffit Photography (suit), Sophie Kaye Photography (shoes), Judy Pak (cake). Invitation: Letters by JoAnn Jinks.


Jewel Tones

Good for: fall and winter weddings
Ideal venues: winery, ballroom, conservatory

Don’t be afraid to use darker hues in your wedding color scheme - a palette with deep jewel tones can create a mysterious, romantic mood or a rich, regal ambience. Illuminate the look with lots of candlelight or warm evening sunlight.

Photos: Clary Pfeiffer (bridesmaid), Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography (ring), Charla Storey Photography (lounge).


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